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Miriam Esthela

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Off topic...but is also very important.. [Oct. 3rd, 2004|11:16 am]
Miriam Esthela


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!!

About My Mother

Since I wrote the above, she has gotten sick. She has a staph infection right now. It's common for cancer patients with ports. It's somewhat serious. Please keep her in your thoughts!

Click to help for free:

How does awareness help?

  • It reminds women to get their yearly mammograms. Earlier detection increases chances of survival.

  • It reminds women that they should do monthly self-examinations. Again, earlier detection saves lives.

  • Awareness is contagious. If you are spreading awareness, the people you are spreading awareness to will spread awareness also!

  • Awareness raises funds. People becoming aware of such a huge issue may donate money towards research for a cure!!

    So, what can I do to increase awareness and/or help find a cure/fund mammograms?

    Many, many things...to name a few:

  • Wear a ribbon!! Go to Wal-Mart and spend a couple bucks on pink ribbon and safety pins.

  • Give out ribbons! Make ribbons and give them out to your family, friends and colleagues!

  • Click the buttons above [daily] to raise funds. It only takes a second and it's free!

  • Donate money to Breast Cancer research!! You may do so on many breast cancer sites like The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Campaign, Breast Cancer dot org, CBCRP, BCRF, action breast cancer and many others!

  • Many sites, including some that I linked here, also sell clothing, accessories, and gift items promoting awareness. This is a great way to donate to research and also have items that will promote awareness in your daily life! The gift items you can find are really nice too. Next time you're giving a gift, donate to research at the same time!

    Some additional shops online:

    The BC Mall

    The Pink Ribbon Shop


    Find Gift

    Beaux Tie Designs

    Breast Cancer Care [also a support site]

    Center Coin

  • Help participate in a study [UK women only]

  • Volunteer to have your PC aid in cancer research.

  • Boobie-Thon

  • Save lids to save lives!

  • Buy pink and white M&M's!

  • Buy breast cancer awareness stamps!

  • Go bowling!

  • Ask your employer about Denim Day.

  • Many local shops will also have items you can purchase to support research. Ask at Target, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid and many more! If you're not in the states or you want to order online, Target offers awareness items online. Simply visit Target Pink.

  • Wear a virtual ribbon on your webpage!! I have collected and/or created many banners, pictures and journal icons...and even an AOL instant messenger icon! You are welcome to use any or all of them!! They will also work to use as avatars on forums and other messengers!

    Why are regular breast exams important?

    Early detection saves lives! Make sure you go for yearly mammograms and do self-exams every month.

    Tell me about the self-exams. I need more information.

  • You can make self exams a habit by requesting a free breast self exam shower card. This waterproof card illustrates and explains the self exam, and is designed to hang in your shower or on the bathroom door handle. Hang it somewhere where you will see it as a constant reminder.

  • If you don't want to wait for a card, download a pdf card and print it.

  • You can also learn how to do the self exams on this website.

  • Many websites offer to send you a monthly email reminder to do your self exam. You can request the service here or even get a reminder program here.

    Other Links

    Awareness article on BBC

    Male breast cancer

    Breast Cancer Awarness banners, images and icons!!Collapse )

    I will try to post even more images during this month!!

    Additional Sources of InformationCollapse )

    You are welcome to post this in any community that may be relevant that I missed!! I would appreciate it a lot!! If you can post it in your own communities, whether they are relevant or not, it would be so cool of you to do that. If you're part of any community at all that wouldn't mind this post, share it there as well! You just tell them that xink wrote it at the beginning of the post! I can email the full code for this entry to anyone who would like to post it around. One easy way to do it is to just link them to this entry!

    If you think I should add any links, images or information to this post that I don't already have here, email me: bcawareness at sarse dot net.

    Thanks for reading this post!!
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    Donations [Oct. 18th, 2003|09:47 pm]
    Miriam Esthela

    [Current Mood |happyhappy]

    I am very excited to tell you guys that I've added a donation button to the user info page, just in case you'd like to donate to Miriam too!! :D
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    (no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2003|07:50 pm]
    Miriam Esthela

    Here's the photo of MiriamCollapse )
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    Introduction [Oct. 18th, 2003|07:47 pm]
    Miriam Esthela

    Miriam Esthela was born on July 11, 1998. She lives in Quito, Ecuador. Quito is the capital of Ecuador and lies high among the Andes Mountains. It is known for its year-round spring weather.

    In October of 2002 [when the family record was last updated], Miriam was 4 years old and weighed 31 pounds. She stood at 3 feet 1 inch. She has black eyes and black hair. She has no known health problems.

    She was not attending school yet, because she was too young. Her favourite pastimes are playing with dolls and running. Her chores at home are to run errands. Her talents are dancing, drawing and singing. Miriam speaks the official language of Ecuador: Spanish.

    Monthly income for Miriam's family is $80. This supports her mother, her and her three brothers. Her brothers are 18, 10 and 8. Her mother is raising the family alone because Miriam's father is deceased. Miriam's mother is 34 years old and works as a maid.

    What's Miriam's home like? There is one multi-use room. The walls are made of concrete block, the roof is corrugated metal and the floor is dirt. The cooking facility is a portable gas stove. There are 2 beds in the house. Water source is community faucets. There is electricity and a latrine.

    This is all I know about Miriam so far. I will write her soon and await her response. I used to know Spanish very well, but not so much now. I might try writing in Spanish, or maybe one of the next times I write I will. If I don't, a translator working for Children International will translate it for Miriam.

    I received a photo of Miriam which I will post in the next post.
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